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Stay healthy with activities you enjoy

Mia Health doesn't tell you what to do — but the benefits of the activity you actually do.


Mia Health app

The tool that helps you plan the right amount of acitivity you need to achieve the desired health effect.


PAI score in the Mia Health app shows you how active you’ve been the last 7 days. To maximize your health effect, a 100 PAI is what you need, however, any effort you do counts.

You earn PAI every time your heart rate increases, no matter which type of physical activity you choose to do. How soon can you reach a 100 PAI? That depends on your starting point. The less physically fit you are, the simpler it becomes to earn PAI.


Fitness age

Your fitness age tells you how old your body actually is. If your body is older than your biological age, you are less physically fit than is expected for someone your age. With an activity level of 100 PAI, you ensure that your fitness age will be at least as low as your actual age, in the long run.


  • Use PAI to understand the right amount of physical activity for you

  • Find out how fit you are with our research-based fitness calculator

  • Improve your health by participating in a selection of challenges in Mia Health's Community

  • Plan your activity and observe the fitness age you achieve after three months


  • Use PAI to understand the right amount of physical activity for you

  • Connect your wearable to the app, or register your activity manually


What are our users saying?

Mia Health is research-based, personalized and easy to use.
Using Mia Health provides an improved quality of life.

If it hadn't been for the app, I wouldn't have found the same inspiration. It is the PAI score that motivates. I am convinced that this is what is needed to have a good health effect.

Gunn, 61

Exercising has become pleasurable. Now I love it! Now I make an effort for myself. It's as if I've been on asthma medicine all my life and my chest is blown clean for the first time.

Lena, 45

Measuring PAI is absolutely brilliant for motivating high-intensity exercise, regularly. This has been very motivating to get started with regular exercise again.

Stig, 58


Why is Mia Health better than other alternatives?


The results from over 30 published research articles say the same thing: 100 PAI and a low fitness age is a recipe for success for good health and quality of life for everyone — both today and for the rest of their lives.


Mia Health does not give you a set recipe to follow. You can choose the activities you like yourself, and you can vary as much as you want. Mia Health adapts the activity advice to just you by starting from your personal profile and your data.

Easy to use

Health can be complicated and demanding. With Mia Health, you only have two things to deal with: PAI score and fitness age. If you are less active than recommended, you have a low PAI and high fitness age. If you are active enough, you have a high PAI and low fitness age.

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