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Mia Health strengthens
corporate wellness

Mia Health is easy to implement in your company.
Mia Health works for everyone — regardless of the health status.
Mia Health focuses on long term effects.

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Mia Health is a holistic toolkit for companies

Mia Health for companies consists of an app, a web portal and a series of services to encourage physical activity amongst employees.

The Mia Health app

The Mia Health app gives each employee an overview of their own health status and activity level over time. With motivating and research-based tools, each individual is encouraged to activity on their own terms. PAI and fitness age from Mia Health are guaranteed to be a topic of conversation around the lunch table.


Mia Insight portal

In Mia Insight, company leaders get a comprehensive overview of engagement, activity level and health status and development in the company. Through the portal view, both leadership and local enthusiasts are able to spread motivation, organize activities and challenge employees at individual and department level. With Mia Insight, you manage economical spending and effort where it actually matters.

Other functionalities

Just around the corner comes new functionalities that help the company and each employee live more actively. These include, among other things:

  • Community: Create teams and plan joint activities
  • Challenges: Create your own challenges or challenge your colleagues with our ready-made challenge templates
  • Chat: Spread the joy of activity and share motivational tips with colleagues

What do our company customers say?

Mia Health does not provide one recipe for everyone, but facilitates and strengthens every health measure.

With Mia Health, everyone can participate in their own level!

Mia Health delivers! I recommend this concept and collaboration with the gang in Mia Health to everyone wishing to take their employees health into a different level.

Geir-Arne Mathisen, ØkoRåd Gruppen

Our employees have increased focus on their own health

After a short time there is talk in the corridors about how many PAIs have been "eaten" recently. Craft and New Wave Norway are well on their way to better health with help from Mia Health.

Marius Dreyer, Craft/New Wave

The competitive instinct is stimulated with Mia Health

We at Jobzone Trøndelag are delighted! The scheme with Mia Health stimulates the competitive instinct, but not least the heart pump!

Siri B. Røddesnes, Jobzone Trøndelag

Test it yourself

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