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Terms of Use

Last Updated: 2023-10-01


Mia Health is a software service consisting of mobile and web applications owned, operated and developed by Mia Health AS ( 918343814), a Norwegian limited liability company.

Mia Health’s platform gives you insight into and understanding about your physical activity and lifestyle. This should be seen as information and nothing more. You are responsible for listening to your body’s signals and taking them into account.


  • The security of your personal information is important to us. Although we strive to adhere to industry standards regarding the protection of your personal information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.
  • The transmission of information over the internet cannot be guaranteed to be completely secure. This is done at your own risk.
  • In the event of a security breach, Mia Health AS will inform its users within 72 hours of detection.

Account and access to functionality

This service has an age limit of at least 18 years. The service has differentiated access level to functionality through different user categories:

  • Free plan: Creating an account with Mia Health is free. This provides access to basic functionality.
  • License: Any user can choose to set up a subscription through App/Play Store to get access to “premium features”. This access will be available as long as the subscription is active. 
  • Business or organization affiliation: You may be invited to link your account to a business or organization. You will then have access to full functionality, so-called «premium features». This access will be effective as long as your account is associated with your business or organization.

Breach of terms and conditions

Mia Health AS may terminate or terminate your membership in the event of a breach of the terms described in this document. We also reserve the right to block or close accounts suspected of harmful behaviour or fraud.

Disclaimer of Warranty and Liability

  • Mia Health and its contents are provided «as is», without warranty and are not necessarily accurate and complete in all respects.
  • No information or content in Mia Health should be taken as medical advice. Always consult your physician or other medical personnel regarding questions about your physical health.
  • Mia Health will not assume any liability in connection with your athletic activities, health problems, physical injuries or property damage arising from the use of the App.
  • Mia Health shall not be liable for service failures caused by circumstances beyond our control. These include, but are not limited to, technical problems, infrastructure failures and sabotage.
  • Use of our services and related content is at your own risk. Mia Health cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damages arising from the use of our services. This does not apply if Mia Health has been grossly negligent or deliberately caused harm. In that case, you will be refunded an amount limited to the amount you have paid to Mia Health using the service.