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Mia Health helps you pursue a healthier lifestyle

Mia Health ensures private customers and businesses get simple, precise assessments of the health benefits derived from the activities they do.


Mia Health for companies

Mia Health has a concept that that motivates employees to boost physical activity levels and consistently engage in health-promoting behaviors.


Mia Health for app users

Mia Health is research-based and personalized, providing inspiring incentives based on your favorite activities.

Mia Health app

Get an overview of your health with our user-friendly app, entirely based on your data.

Mia Health app

Get an overview of your health with our user-friendly app, entirely based on your data.

 How effective is your activity level?

Your PAI score shows whether you are active enough to get the best health effect. If the number is below 100, you benefit from moving more. If the number is 100 or higher, you can pat yourself on the back.


Are you getting in better shape?

If you stay above 100 PAI, your health will gradually improve. The lower the fitness age, the better!

How active should you be today?

In the Mia Health app, you can easily plan activity to stay above your PAI goal. You choose whether you want to take it easy or push yourself with high intensity activity.


Join the journey

Mia Health is constantly developing new features to help you into your active journey. We give our users inspiration for a more active life freely with better health and less illness.

Research behind Mia Health

Based on HUNT

The health survey in Trøndelag (HUNT) is one of the world's largest health surveys. HUNT is one of the most important sources of knowledge about public health and the development of more efficient health services in Norway. Mia Health has been developed with data from HUNT.

Developed by CERG in NTNU

The Cardiac Exercise Research Group (CERG) at NTNU studies the effects of exercise as medicine. Mia Health's PAI and fitness age have been developed by CERG to enable most people to have effective tools to maintain the best possible health throughout their lives.

One million participants

The health benefits of Mia Health's tools have already been documented in over 30 scientific research articles with close to one million subjects. A number of large studies are now looking at the effect of using Mia Health in motivation and personal follow-up of physical activity.

For companies

For private customers